• Our people are the company"s most valuable assets!

Our people

Our people are the company’s most valuable assets.

Thanks to their taste, knowledge and experience of our own people we are able to exploit, on the highest level, the potential of the Thracian nature, the local tradition and the modern industrial technology.

Nevertheless, we never stop reaching for the perfect. With continuous training throughout all the production stages, from milking up till distribution, our company possesses human resources of high quality and great qualifications.

People's stories
  • Filipos

    Responsible for cow's feeding, what Filip told us

    “I feed the cows three times a day, making 10 different types of rations depending on the age and lactation period of the animals. I am more concern about their nutrition than my own so I use my free time to go by and check if the animals are fed appropriately.” Philip, 43, from Mesti, village of Evros.

  • Themis

    Salesman. what Themis told us

    “Every day my duty is to distribute the products to our clients so they reach home as soon as possible since the production stage. I am very careful during the distribution process; I take care of the products, and always pay attention to my truck’s cooling.” Themis, 35, from Didimoteixo.

  • Yiannis

    Quality control manager, what Yiannis told us…

    “We everyday run multiple checks both on raw material and final products. Besides, we are the first to consume those products, and offer them to our families as well. I choose only the best for my children, and of Evrofarma I couldn’t be more certain,”

  • Vasilis

    Cheese-maker what Vasilis told us…

    “I am a man of patience. I think the cheese-maker position suits me well because making good feta always requires taste and patience.” Vasilis, 39, from Krios, village of N. Evros.