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Commitment to quality,
faith in tradition

Since 1992, we have been investing in quality and innovation while maintaining the spirit of a family-owned business based on the knowledge and wisdom of tradition.

We are the only company that produces semi-hard cheese from our own “baski” (curd), ensuring that every bite of DOIRANI cheese pays homage to Greece’s rich cheese-making heritage.

High standards,
authentic flavors

Quality &
safety assurance

Our quality and hygiene management system adhere to the strictest standards and certifications:

ISO 22000:2018- Food safety management system
HACCP- Certified quality control laboratory
IFS version 6.1 – International Food Standard Certificate
AGROCERT – certification of PDO and PGI products in Greece

and development

We meticulously analyze the trends of modern gastronomy and innovate by developing new products that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences (products from skimmed milk, coconut oil, etc.).

production line

Situated in the heart of the industrial zone of Kilkis, our facility stands as one of Greece’s premier semi-hard cheese producers with a daily capacity of 35 tons of milk and 7 tons of final product.

Chosen by the most
demanding customers

We have proven that we can meet the demands and standards of even the most rigorous customers. We collaborate with large supermarket chains, having built strong bonds based on reliability, flexibility, and the excellent quality of our products.

Respect for tradition,
love for innovation